I Made £1,000 Daily, Each And Every Week From a Simple Idea Shown to me by (of all people) a Used Car Salesman. Now You Can Blatantly Copy What I did and Make This Kind of Money Yourself!”

(And no… it’s nothing to do with selling used cars!)

Dear Friend,

How do you fancy a cool £240,000.00 a year?

And… how do you fancy making that sort of money year after year after year?

Supposing you only had to do about an hour or so light admin each weekday to get your hands it?

A silly dream? An Impossible fantasy?

Far from it! I made this kind of profit (not turnover, “in your bank” profit) year after year after year. Enough to net me over three MILLION pounds to date.

And all from a simple little secret which I will be revealing in a moment…

It took me from the ‘mean streets’ of my town to the absolute best million pound mansion in the area.

I fly first class. I drive new cars. I take £10k holidays.

Most importantly I can help out family and friends. Plus I always have a wallet bulging with cash.


Now here’s the critical thing: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!


How do I know? Because over the last 10 years I’ve shown hundreds of people how to blatantly copy what I do (it doesn’t affect my own operation one tiny bit, otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing it!).

One person I showed this too went right out and made himself £410,000 from a standing start!


Please understand one thing. Neither I nor the people I revealed this to knew a single thing about the topic before they discovered it.

We had no expertise, no special educational qualifications, no particular skills.

And most importantly, when we started we had very little money (I’m ashamed to admit that I was flat broke, maxed out on 5 credit cards and heavily in debt when I discovered this secret. It saved my life.)


Look, I don’t want to waste your time with tales of my rise to success, but I do want to quickly tell you how I found out the secret.


I bought a car from a used car salesman!


Don’t panic! The secret I’m about to reveal has absolutely nothing to do with used cars.


After we’d ‘done the deal’ we got chatting and he handed me a free copy of his book. If you’re interested, it was called “Four Wheels to a Fortune” and you can still get it on Amazon.  It was a book in which he shared all his insider secrets of dealing in cars. It was a gold mine for anyone wanting to get into the business.

Okay I was mildly impressed, but since I had not the slightest intention of dealing in cars, I couldn’t see it was much use to me.

But… I was totally gobsmacked when he told me something amazing.

He made £60,000 a year from used car dealing.

Actually, I’m teasing you. That wasn’t the amazing thing at all! Yes, he did make £60k from his part-time car dealing business, but…


The ‘gobsmack’ was when he added that he made £145,000 a year selling his book and similar little info products.


And I’m going back over ten years ago!!

I had to double check with him that he wasn’t winding me up! He very kindly agreed to explain how he made the £145k.

It took him all of five minutes.

Basically he knocked out ‘information products’ (like his book), took out adverts; sold them at (say) £10 a time and cleaned up!

He could barely keep up with packing and shipping his books.

Now that got my attention BIG time. Particularly when he revealed he didn’t have any qualifications in English, had never studied writing, and had never written a thing prior to doing his book.

He then did a manual and sold hundreds of them at £97 a time!


At that time I was pretty desperate for a way out of my self-imposed financial mess.


I seized upon Charles’ idea like a drowning man at a straw! (Hint: to make the sort of money I’m talking about, you’ve got to be desperate to improve your lot in life, otherwise it won’t happen.)

Okay, enough about my history. All you need to know is that I started that very day on my OWN little book (not about car dealing). Like Charles, I’d never written a thing. But I reckoned if he could do it, so could I. (Hint: those who make money TAKE ACTION. They don’t talk, dither, promise or procrastinate. They get on with it.)

My book went on to sell half a million copies in 26 countries worldwide!

But that’s not the real point.

The real point is that from that moment I got into the amazing lucrative world of information publishing.


Since then I’ve made a quarter of a million a year for every year I’ve run this little earner.


Total – over £3 million to date and rising.

Who cares about me? I’m only telling you this because YOU can copy exactly what I (and Charles) did—and make a fortune for yourself.

I call it the £1,000 a Day System. As the name suggests, it’s a way of making £1,000 each and every weekday (not weekends), tick-tock, regular as clockwork.

And it can be done in an hour a day, with almost no money invested, no staff, no premises and almost zero hassle.

Interested? Okay let me tell you what this is about, that way you can judge for yourself whether it’s for you or not…


But first I have one qualifying question for you:

“Would YOU like to copy my operation and make this kind of money too?”

Well you can. When you have finished reading you will know that I am offering you a stress-free, proven, easy as 1-2-3 way of making great money.


The Perfect Business

The business I have made my fortune in is mail-order (and lately Internet) publishing of information products. I’m sure you know how it works. I send out mail shots or do Internet marketing and wait for the money to come in – which it does, by the sack-full each day! Then I send them the product (usually a simple A4 booklet or a few CDs in a jiffy bag). That’s it.

You know the sort of products we are talking about; books, courses, CDs, manuals etc. One manual sells for £239.70 and costs about £20 to print. Hey, I hope you like those margins!

I LOVE them.

Let me tell you some more about the business I believe to be the best business in the world, bar none. But first I want you to close your eyes and ask yourself…

Could You Handle £1,000… a Day?

Imagine how your life would change if you banked £1,000 each day and only worked a few days each day. Just think how that would change your life! And you would have the time to enjoy it!

Stay with me on this one because it gets even better…

When you start to make this money, it isn’t just a flash in the pan, here today, gone tomorrow – although even that would be nice! No, I’ve been making this money day after day, year after year for over a decade.

I have taken millions and millions of pounds out of information products and continue to do so each and every year – you could do the same as me.

There’s a reason for telling you this. One reason only. You need to know that I walk the talk. Why would you want to learn about making money from a broke person who hasn’t ‘been there, done that’? Beats me!

There’s something magical about being able to write a few words onto paper and have large sacks of money arriving several days later! I think it is an extraordinary thing and it still thrills me even after ten years of cashing-in on this lucrative idea.

Let me tell you just a few of the great advantages:

No Staff

I strongly advise you NEVER to employ anyone – it is a living nightmare. You have to pay for their holidays, sickness, pregnancy leave and everything else. You have to keep them busy (and pay them) when business is slack and take on extra people when you are busy. Fortunately, one of the dozens of advantages of this business is that you will not need employees. Phew!

Work Your Own Hours

I used to hate having someone else tell me when to work. I am not a machine and I resent people trying to confine me to their timetable. With your own information publishing business you work exactly when you want to – or not at all if you want time off. It’s up to you entirely. There is no boss, no timetable, no clock-watching. There are a few hours work each day to do, and you do it when it suits you.

Stupidly High Mark-Ups

Forget those pathetic 30% mark-ups you get in almost every other business under the sun. How does 1000% sound? That’s what I routinely make on products that I sell. That’s what you will make too. Put simply, where all other businesses buy for £10 and sell for £13, we buy for £10 and sell for £100+. That makes a BIG difference to your profits!

No Face to Face Selling

I hate it, you hate it. Don’t do it! In my business, all of our transactions are done through the post or on the Internet and you never meet your customers.

No Premises

If you think staff are a pain, try renting premises! The cost is horrendous. Then there is insurance, maintenance, running costs, fire escapes, toilets for the disabled, health and safety regulations, heating…it just goes on, and on and on.

In contrast, I run from this whole thing from home.

The Ultimate Laptop Business!

I can, and DO often run the business from a beach, a café or whilst on holiday.

Each day I open my laptop, decide how much money I want to make and a few hours later, snap it shut again. Job done. I will, of course, be teaching you exactly how to do this for yourself, if you are interested.

 No tedious commuting to work either!

Start With Very Little Money

Any fool can make money – if they have a lot to start off with. I wasn’t so lucky, and I suspect you don’t have a spare £100,000 to start a business. That money wouldn’t even buy you a fish and chip shop these days – and who wants to run one of those, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day? I am offering you a way into this business at absolute rock-bottom minimum cost.

No Prior Experience Required

I started without any knowledge or experience of information publishing.

No matter what your age, race or sex you can have a shot at becoming independently wealthy from this. I made millions. Just think what you could do if you let me show the way!

Stay in Your Job Until You Make Good Money

You can start part time. You don’t have to give up your present job (if you have one) and risk everything. Just start small, like I did. Believe me you will soon be dumping that old job and devoting your time to making some REAL money! Your information publishing business will give you a new income stream. Having multiple streams of income is a well kept secret of the very rich.


These Same Secrets Could Transform Your Life in the Same Way They Transformed Mine – Why Shouldn’t YOU Become a Millionaire as Well?


Let me be clear about something: This business has the potential to help you to make more moneya lot more.

How much more?

 I have taken over £3 million from information products!

Now, you may have already thought about making money from information, but were stopped dead because: …..

  • You did not have any products and had no idea how to create them. Besides, you need money NOW not in a year or two after you have painstakingly created several products.
  • You lacked the knowledge about exactly how to go about marketing the products.

You’ve probably noticed ‘the catch’ with this business already. It’s that teensy problem of having to write your own information products. Relax. I have a way out for you!

Let’s be clear, it is very time-consuming to write and produce your own manual or book. You are probably not a writer, and then there is the problem of whether or not it will sell, even assuming you put in the 300+ hours required to produce just one product.

I say: “forget all that.”

Don’t go to all the hassle of writing your own material from scratch. It will take you six months, buckets of sweat, much heartache and no guarantee the stuff will sell.


In the amazing £1,000 a Day System I will be revealing how to get information products super fast. Often within 24 hours! And all without writing a single word!


The truth is, thousands are making a tidy living from their kitchen tables selling simple books and manuals. Now you can join them—IF you know some inside information about doing this quickly and cheaply!

The £1,000 a Day System is an AMAZING shortcut system to creating a cash-cow products that you can sell through the mail or on the Internet!

 Think about it. 5,000 pieces of a simple manual and CD at, say £69.95?

That’s… £349,750 income for YOU!

And since this product would cost about £3 to produce, this is mostly profit. And it’s from just ONE product! AND you could sell licences for it and make a ton of extra money!

5,000 pieces is a very conservative estimate of what you would sell, particularly if you consider the world market. But let’s be ultra-cautious. Let’s say you only sold 500 pieces (a truly pitiful number) and let’s say your costs were £9.95 per item (which is way high).

That still leaves you with £30,000.00 IN YOUR HAND!

Would you like to make that kind of money from a single product? And then be able to earn it again, and again, and again…? As many times a year as you wanted?

That’s the way to make yourself very wealthy in a very short time!

And the good news is…

You Don’t Have to be a ‘Writer’ or a ‘Creative’ Type!

Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be a very creative person? Almost certainly you don’t think of yourself as ‘a writer’.

Join the club!

Actually, it’s good that you’re not a creative genius. It’s great that you’re not ‘a writer’.


Because you’d be tempted (perish the thought!) to go and write a book, manual or whatever and take one or two years carefully crafting and perfecting it!

Nice if you yearn to be a famous literary figure and win prizes. Truly hopeless if you want to make a serious amount of cash – fast!

So Why Not Take the Shortcut Route?

Forget two years of hard graft and another year waiting to see if some publisher will condescend to take you on – only to pay you a lousy 5%-10%!

How about creating an information product of your very own in a few days – even in 24 hours!

Is it possible?

Certainly. If you use the astonishing Short Cut tips and tricks I will be revealing in £1,000 a Day System.


You could easily create several unique info products a year! Each one with a £30k-£100k potential. Even if you “can’t write” or “won’t write”!


And these info products would be YOURS – unique to you – never before sold in the world. And with that lucrative licensing potential as the icing on the cake.

Wouldn’t that be great?

You, a Millionaire Publisher?

How about deciding right now to make £100k+ each year instead of what you’re earning currently!

Imagine what you could do with that! A decent house – room to grow and spread out. A decent car. Fantastic luxury holidays, and… (this one’s important) the ability to help others who you care about. Friends, family or even your favourite charity. Having money is certainly better than having little or none – but you don’t need me to tell you that.

What’s Involved?

How hard would you have to work for this?

The incredible thing is you could make FIVE times more than the average salary, and work just ONE FIFTH as hard. It’s tough to put an exact figure on it, but I’d say that working about five hours a week could make you a £100k a year, 10 hours a week for £200k etc.

That’s about two hours a day maximum, five days a week. So the rest of the time is yours to do with as you please. Read, relax, play golf – whatever takes your fancy.

All from realising the secret key to publishing riches, which is…

Those who control the product, control the wealth.

The whole deal has changed with the Internet – it’s an utterly different ball game – and fortunes are being made as you read this, by ordinary folk with no special ‘writing’ abilities.

Here’s what this programme will show you how to do:

  • Create an information product which you know in advance will sell like crazy.
  • Make hundreds of percent profit on each item. And you keep ALL of the profits. E.g. cost of production £3 – sell for £69.95!
  • Aim to do very little writing, preferably none at all. Instead, others will (gladly) do most of the work for you.
  • Market your product on the Internet or in the mail.
  • Repeat the process with product after product – and clean up BIG TIME.

People right now are desperate for information and will pay big money for it.


This is not a guess. People have made tens of millions of pounds doing exactly this – using precisely the shortcut secrets I reveal in £1,000 a Day System.

And please, please remember, these shortcut secrets mean you don’t have to do ANY writing if you don’t want to!


I will reveal exactly how to create a steady stream of money-generating information products in as little as 24 hours per product!


Then I will show you exactly how to market these to get money flooding into your bank account.

This has got to be the best home business in the world!

Not Exciting?

Now I want to say something at this point in case it puts you off.

The MONEY we make from this is very exciting.

But… is this exciting, fun-filled work?

Not really. It’s routine admin stuff. Typing in names and addresses, banking money, printing labels, popping manuals into jiffy bags and posting them. It’s dull stuff and if that puts you off you need to find something more thrilling to do.

Dull it may be, but I certainly never get tired of banking my five grand a week just for putting books, manuals or CDs into a jiffy bag and mailing it out!

Oh, and I should say you’ll need a computer, a printer a telephone and half a kitchen table. If you haven’t got those, you can’t do this.


Right now, as you read this programme, hundreds of ordinary people are getting quietly wealthy in the information publishing business. They are enjoying dream lifestyles without having to work too hard for it. Even better, they are helping others to a more fulfilling life as well!


Now you can join them.

But to get your share of the money you need inside information about how this all works.

That’s where I come in.

Having made MILLIONS from this, I am perfectly qualified to write the manual on how YOU can clean up too.

So I have put down ten years of experience into one, handy manual called £1,000 a Day System.

There is no fluff, no waffle, no filler. Just the honest-to-goodness blueprint you need to start creating a stream of fantastic information products which you can start selling right away.

A Word About The Price

Initially I thought I’d charge one day’s profit for my manual – so that would be £1,000.

But I have been persuaded that times are quite hard at the moment. Even though it is worth that much, people simply don’t have a spare grand to invest.

I understand that—perhaps more than you realise as I was £100k in the hole before I discovered this!

I know what it’s like to be broke and maxed out.

So I have come up with an amazing deal whereby you can get your hands on this astonishing programme for a tiny fraction of one day’s profit.

I know you’re going to be thrilled by the price I have finally settled on when you see the price at the bottom of the page.

Our Guarantee

I know you can make steady money from this, but of course YOU don’t know that yet. So it’s only fair that I give you the opportunity to check this out at OUR risk, not yours.

That way you don’t have to believe me, you can judge for yourself.

By the way….

We have included 8 FREE bonus products give you the support for success in you business venture.

Please be aware, any business venture has an amount of risk.

The FREE Bonus products are key to providing extra ways of using information from the main manual.


These are the – 8 FREE bonus products


1. Internet Business Plan – Simple instructions on how to set up your internet business.

2. Your own Internet Business Products – How to identify different types of niche products.

3. Your First Online Business – How an online business works using – Youtube, Blogs, Affiliate marketing and Physical products.

4. Step by Step Niche Profits – How to go about looking for and researching a niche

5. Profit Pulling Niche Blogs – How to use Blogs for you online business products.

6. Niche Profits – How to create your own Niche products and sell them for profits.

7. E-Book profiteers – How to create your own e-book products and sell them for profits.

8. Super Fast List building – How to build your own list of customers


You can download a PDF summary of what you will receive by

clicking Download




I have steadily banked £1,000 a day PROFIT from this for many years. Others I have shown this too have also banked similar amounts.

Isn’t it time that you had a share in this kind of action?

Believe me, you don’t want to be retired and broke in the coming years – it will NOT be fun. You are NOT going to get a state pension worth having (not that it ever was worth having). If you do not start to take action, you will be left behind.

Are you a man or woman of action? Do you ‘walk the talk’ or are you just a dreamer? Unfortunately Dreamers live broke and die broke.

Are you waiting for your boat to come in? Are you pinning your hopes on winning the lottery or the pools? You’ll still be waiting aged eighty, huddled in front of your one-bar electric fire in some grim council high-rise flat.

It is time, right now, to try something different. The excuses are over. You’ve been waiting for a chance – this is it!

Here, at last, is a perfect opportunity to get into a business which can make great money for you and your family. This is not pie in the sky – I’ve done it and so have dozens of others. You could do it too.

You could be the one to have £1,000 a day coming into your accounts!

But only if you TAKE ACTION!

Let’s face it, the world is divided into those who chatter and dream, and those who take firm, decisive action to improve their lives.

Which one are you?

I look forward to receiving your order and rushing you your copy of the amazing £1,000 a Day System.

All the best


Andrew Harding

PS Ordinary people are making very decent money from this. Now you can join them, for a $127 investment.